Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Enignum Canopy Bed for Royal Dreaming

Designed by Joseph Walsh for his “Formations” collection, this beautiful elegant Enignum Canopy Bed has the ability to turn a bedroom into a royal chamber. This bed look fascinating and its ethereal presence has the ability of instantly relaxing its user. The unusual curves and the wooden structure makes this design a part of nature. Sleeping in it will feel like a natural experience, but a glamorous one as well. Even though this furniture item requires a lot of space, its stylish shape and the royal atmosphere that it provides makes up for this minor setback. Suited for an “haute decor” with ostentatious arrangements, the Enignum Canopy Bed will surely draw the attention of anyone visiting the interior within which it is integrated. What does it inspire to you?

How to Layout an Efficient Kitchen Floor Plan

Your kitchen is the heart of the home.  Even if you’re not an avid cook, the kitchen is the space that most people like to entertain in and enjoy spending time with family.  The aesthetics are important, but the function of how your kitchen works is even more important.  The way your kitchen is laid out will make the difference in how quickly and efficiently you use the kitchen.  A poor layout can result in retracing your steps and spending more time in the kitchen can be a turn off to enjoying cooking. Look at these tips on how to layout an efficient kitchen floor plan.
Laying out the work triangle: In every kitchen there are 3 main components that make up the ‘work triangle’.  The refrigerator – where food is stored, the sink – where food is washed, and the stove/oven – where the food is cooked, makes up an efficient work triangle.  Draw your kitchen as a floor plan and see how your three areas layout.  Ideally you would like to go to the refrigerator, to the sink and to the stove in one easy path.  If you have to retrace your steps, or walk around obstacles to get to any of the three, your layout is inefficient.
Layout work surfaces: A work surface, or countertop area should ideally be located between each of the work triangle areas.  Therefore, between the refrigerator and sink, and between the sink and stove/oven, a countertop area is ideal. In smaller kitchens, a work area in each space may not be possible due to space.  The more working areas you can provide yourself, the better. Consider using multifunctional work areas if space is an issue. For example a raised countertop adjacent to a dining area, can serve as a seated bar for eating as well as a preparation work surface for cooking.
Kitchen islands: In large kitchens a kitchen island can cut down on excessive travel to each part of the work triangle.  Consider placing one or more of the work triangle functions at the island. Having a sink in the island will prevent you from walking from the refrigerator to another remote area constantly. Kitchen islands for a small kitchen can be on casters or wheels for temporary use.  An island can be used for storage below, and also serve as an additional work surface.  Consider using a movable kitchen island for convenience and roll out of the way when more people need to fit in the kitchen.
* Shape of your kitchen: Here are the pros and cons of each type of kitchen:

1. U Shape: PROS: This plan offers three sides or walls for the work triangle to be efficient. The cook can maximize their time in the kitchen and won’t get distracted by traffic walking through the kitchen. CONS: Multiple people working in the kitchen at one time may be difficult.
2. L Shape: PROS: This plan allows for more space saving because two of the work triangle functions are on the same wall. This plan is also easier to entertain from, since it is open up to the adjacent room on one side. CONS: Ample counter space room should be given in the crook of the L for maximum usage. If not, the kitchen will work less efficiently due to less room to prepare and cook the food.
3. Galley Shape: PROS: In this plan the walls are parallel with all of the work triangle functions. It is very efficient due to less area to travel and is ideal for space saving. CONS: This plan isn’t ideal for a lot of people in the kitchen because the traffic area is also the cook preparation area. This plan can also be difficult to entertain from, unless one wall is open to an adjacent room with a seating bar for example.
The way your kitchen is laid out will make a difference in how you enjoy and use the space.  If you find your current kitchen isn’t efficient, try to layout another option, it may not be difficult to alter your existing plan.  If you are in the process of moving, think of these tips when looking at kitchens.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home and your family, make it work the best for you!

Fresh Home Full of Color and Inspiring Details

Designed by Jordi Vayreda, this welcoming home in shades of gray, green and pink used to be a two level industrial building. Luckily, it recently went to a complete make-over and now it looks like a vivid and playful crib. It is amazing how adding a little color can completely turn around the way a home feels. This was probably what the designers had in mind when filling this place up with colorful decorating elements such as fluffy pillows on the floor, small rugs and tiny rustic containers. Due to the white background, these items stand out and create a visually pleasant contrast. The living room, dining room and kitchen are connected not only physically, but design-wise also. We like how this home seems to be decorated by respecting a fun pattern, one that involves color and youthfulness.

Gorgeous Textured Bathroom Furniture in Black and White from Falper

Designer Paola Navone has created this versatile collection of bathroom furniture – the Coco Collection – for Italian company Falper. Beautiful unique pieces of furniture stand out with their textured facade in black and white to give the idea of soft simplicity. These sophisticated designs combine white textured fronts with black lacquered sides and backs to form a refined look that best suits a woman`s sense of style. The two colours of this collection – black and white – can be used to create the idea of a Breakfast at Tiffany`s scene. The feminine Coco Collection suggests an amazing everlasting creativeness that will never go out of style. The primary inspiration for these pieces of furniture was the famous Coco Chanel – hence the collection`s name.
Spacious units offer a lot of room for bathroom necessities and the beautiful oval mirrors keep the sophisticated look clean and neat. The ceramic washbasins are a reminder of an era of elegance and style. Vanity elements are reinterpreted in a modern style that subjugates a connoisseur eyes and heart. These wonderful elements borrow some of the chic sophistication of a period described by pure style and simplicity. The timeless design will have your bathroom looking elegant and remind you of an era when interior decorating was combined with other forms of art to create a unique feeling that nowadays can only be copied.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fili D' Erba Glass Dining Table

The Fili D' Erba table by Reflex is a visual symphony of unforgettable form and artistic structural engineering. The base is composed of three solid Murano glass legs whose graceful curves sweep upward supporting an oval or round glass top. Each precious glass leg is handblown on the island of Murano. Air bubbles glisten within the glass, refracting and scattering the light.

The legs are available in six color combinations:
1. Blue, turquoise, frosted white.
2. Emerald green, grass green, frosted white
3. Black, grey, frosted white
4. All frosted white
5. Rugiada Murano glass
6. Gold and Murrine
While the visual effect is weightless, each heavy leg is joined at its intersection by steel couplings and securely attached to the glass bonded discs. A 45 degree bevel decorates the edge of the 5/8 inch thick glass top which is available in six sizes.
Gorgeous beyond belief, Fili D' Erba is a piece of art, a sculpture and a table at once. Each base is completely made by hand, rendering every table one of a kind. All products by Reflex reflect a great passion for exquisite beauty and command much respect for their absolute quality and magical artistry. Base is 29" high. Made in Italy.

Metro Sectional Sofa

An inviting expanse of contemporary design and classic details, the Metro pairs its timeless good looks with soft, thick leather. The extra wide and long chaise offers ample room to completely stretch out and relax. When desired, the three articulated headrests tilt up providing high head and neck support or fold down for a sleek, low profile. Tufting accents the seats, backrests and arms with sophisticated flair and grants them extra softness. In keeping with the cubic design, the minimalist steel legs in polished chrome are square and unobtrusive. Structurally sound and built to last, the sofa's frame is made from wood and plywood covered in ecologic polyurethane foam of varied densities quilted with 300 gr. fiber fill. The soft leather is treated to resist stains and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The sectional is available with the chaise on the left or to the right. Also available is a three person sofa with two adjustable headrests. The sofa chair has one adjustable headrest. In addition, the Capri reclining chair is an ideal compliment to the sofa or sectional. Choose from six standard leather colors or from a wide selection of special order colors. Please call for assistance with ordering special order leather colors 510 - 420 - 0383.
The Metro is an elegant piece with appealing style that compliments classical interiors as well as austere modern environments. Pair it with the matching Metro Bed. Made in Italy.

Frosted Glass Sink

Frosted Glass Sink
This beautiful glass sink adds architectural style and function to your bath environment. It is artfully made in Italy made from a single piece of molded glass by master glass workers. It is predrilled for a single faucet. It is available in frosted and clear.

Como Bed

Blending both modern style and classical details, the dramatic Como bed imparts an air of importance to the bedroom. The cleanly tufted headboard rests on small translucent plexiglass feet and is attached to the softly padded frame. A long flat steel leg supports the end of the bed frame creating a clean, minimalist look. Premium quality, glove soft leather upholsters the bed keeping dust to a minimum; simply wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Inset withing the bed frame are orthopedic flexible wood slats that support standard innerspring or latex mattresses. The slats eliminate the need for a boxspring and allow air to circulate beneath the mattress.
Como is produced in two headboard heights: medium and tall. The bed frame accommodates either standard American queen or eastern king mattresses. Choose from a variety of leather colors to compliment your interior color scheme.
The Como headboard is tufted without piping or buttons, giving it modern appeal. Expertly crafted by hand, the bed is 100% made in Italy. Simple assembly is required.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tea Serving Cart Plans

Attractive and practical 29" high hostess cart, or tea wagon, has a drawer for napkins or silver and a handle that folds down. The hinged leaves provide a large 43" x 30" serving area and also fold down to make the top only 21" x 30" when not in use. The well designed turnings provide some interesting work for the wood turner, but could be made plain or tapered. Quite detailed full size patterns are provided for the wheels if you'd like to make them yourself, but woodworking specialty stores carry wheels such as these for purchase.

This is a blueprint style plan which is heralded by beginners and experts alike as being a pleasure to work from because all parts are printed in full size -- all joinery is shown in actual size, curved workpieces are all in full size, therefore you can measure and trace straight from the drawing if necessary. A bill of materials doubles as an exact cutting list, there is a detailed exploded diagram, and all hardware requirements are provided. The exploded diagram so detailed that project specific assembly instructions are not provided. A special booklet entitled Guide to Building Wood Furniture is included with each Furniture Designs, Inc. plan and includes many tips explaining the "component theory" of woodworking.

Mirrored Hall Tree Plans

Here is an item asked for by many woodworkers. Aside from the useful coat hooks, this hall tree has a 42" high mirror, a hinged seat with storage bench below, plus a padded seat back which is great for sitting and taking off muddy boots. Your umbrella stand should go right next to this antique replica hall tree. A super project for any woodworking lover. Overall size: 24" wide, x 15" deep, x 78" high. Joinery shown in full size detail.

This is a blueprint style plan which is heralded by beginners and experts alike as being a pleasure to work from because all parts are printed in full size -- all joinery is shown in actual size, curved workpieces are all in full size, therefore you can measure and trace straight from the drawing if necessary. A bill of materials doubles as an exact cutting list, there is a detailed exploded diagram, and all hardware requirements are provided. The exploded diagram so detailed that project specific assembly instructions are not provided. A special booklet entitled Guide to Building Wood Furniture is included with each Furniture Designs, Inc. plan and includes many tips explaining the "component theory" of woodworking.

Nursery Room Plans Combo

This value pack of project plans can help you build two attractive pieces of nursery room furniture which will last for years of service both now and in future generations.

The Changing Table, pictured on the left, is 47" tall, 31" wide, and 18" deep and features high sides for safety. The "changing top" can later be easily removed to convert the unit into a small dresser for an older child, prolonging the utility of the project.
The Crib n' Bed is 68" long, 39" tall, and 38" deep. It meets all safety standards and has ample storage space with two large drawers underneath and a cabinet to one side. The Crib also converts to a small junior bed when the time is right. Standard mattress.

Modern TV Center

This finished entertainment center measures 58-3/4" long, by 24" high, by 24" deep. It contains plenty of shelf space for DVD players, cable boxes, stereos, and more. In addition, there are two large drawers for videos and lots of your media. Shelves are easy to adjust.

Our customers have called for a more modern TV entertainment center plan and here it is! This project is perfect for that new flat panel TV you have (or are planning to have), as well as for some of the larger TVs which are so much more popular today than were 10 years ago.
Easy to read measured drawings, cutting list, convenient hardware buying guide, photos during construction, and much more included.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ultima Porta TV

The technical precision of a plasma TV deserves an equally gorgeous display system. The Ultima Porta TV was created in that spirit of perfectionism. Its distinctive feature is a high gloss Ferrari red lacquer mounting panel which floats the TV above the frosted glass component shelf. The stable round base platform swivels 360? for customized viewing angles. A cord management porthole discretely organizes electric cables behind the support column. Finished in a matte aluminum grey to complement the television and audio/video components. With its minimalist archetectural appeal, the Ultima Porta TV will lend a living space a sense of pristine elegance. Made in Italy.

Sistema Miki Wall System

Miki is a brilliant pairing or two opposite ideas; cool sophistication and playful lightness. Bringing to mind the iconic Disney silhouette complete with big round ears, Miki displays and stores audio/video equipment in a lively styles.

The round black lacquered panel supports a wall hung TV and a clear glass shelf holds accessory electronics. Two cable portals keep cords between the components concealed. Ample storage and display space is provided by two wide drawers sitting low to the ground. The "ears" are fitted with randomly stacked cases for CD and DVD open storage. The round wall panel may be mounted at any desired height to the left, right or centerd above the drawers. An appropriate bracket for mounting the TV must be attached to the round wall panel. 30", 36" or maximum 42" TVs are ideal.
Designed and produced by Pacini & Cappellini of Italy, Miki is a hit worldwide for its lyrical form and precisely crafted details. Made in Italy.

Living Porta TV

The Living TV/Stereo stand, with it's sleek architectural lines smartly contains your media components. A perfect balance of open frosted glass shelving and closed storage, the free-standing system is further enhanced by its swiveling base. Engineered with technical sophistication, the Living system fuses minimal structure with maximum function allowing televisions or stereos to be openly displayed and their high-tech looks admired. The quietly contemporary structure is composed of an aluminum lacquered steel frame and cherrywood over multistrata beech for exceptional strength. Designed for today's lifestyle with spare, clean lines and an emphasis on multiple functions.

Screen Media Center

Today's media components are so slim and beautifully designed that they need not be stashed away in bulky cabinets. Now, media centers must be as up-to-date and high-tech as the exposed electronics they support.

Using only fourteen square feet of floor space, Screen is a fully equipped, multi-use media center with a flat TV clip rail, audio/video component shelf, hidden CD/DVD storage, two book shelves, and an open CD/DVD rack. The wide brushed aluminum base offers stable support and swivels 360 degrees, enabling the TV to be viewed from any angle or turned completely out of sight. Its wide face accommodates large plasma TVs - 42", 50" and some 60" models if the bottom glass shelf is removed. Vertical storage cabinets pull out from each side keeping DVDs/CDs and remotes neatly organized and hidden. Tempered etched glass shelves slip into narrow steel tracks and maybe arranged as desired. TV/video cables remain concealed by passing through the cable portal and out the bottom of the base. A second cable portal is located on top of the unit for placement of a central speaker or lamp. Screen is free standing and may be placed in the middle of a room to divide space.
Thoroughly sleek and modern, the unit is finished in three colors of high gloss lacquer or chocolate wenge stained oak. Intelligently engineered in every detail, Screen is a complete system for all your audio/visual home theater needs. Designed by Fabio Rebosio. Some assembly required. Please check TV dimensions for size suitability. Made in Italy.

Modern Flat TV Stand

The sleek beauty of today's high-tech audio/video equipment requires specialized furniture to properly house it. The new Modern Flat TV Stand is an intelligently engineered piece of modern furniture designed exclusively for LCD. LED and Plasma televisions. The two piece collection includes the flat TV stand and a matching coffee table with two storage drawers.

The collection's minimalist appeal is achieved with modern geometry and cool tempered glass cladding. Unlike gloss lacquer finishes which can easily scratch, the tough tempered glass is painted on the backside and securely attached to the console top, front and sides . Simply maintain with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. The TV stand's uncluttered form conceals interior adjustable shelves, hidden wheels, an integrated adjustable height/view angle support column, cable management portals, and ventilation openings. The tempered glass door front allows commands from the remote to pass through to the electronic components stored inside so all that remains in view is the beautiful flat panel television. Your collection of CDs and DVDs can be stored neatly out of sight inside the console box or in the two drawers of the coffee table. The console's flip-down door and coffee table drawers feature soft-close drawer technology. Both pieces are fitted with rolling casters concealed by stainless steel feet. Slim handles in stainless steel add visual interest. The adjustable height support column also rotates 45 degrees left or right and includes a universal TV hanging mount, making it unnecessary to drill into a wall.
Designed with strength in mind, the TV stand is suitable for flat panel televisions 42" to 60" in diagonal dimension and up to 132 pounds. The Modern Flat TV Stand and coffee table are shipped fully assembled and ready to accommodate your electronics and audio/video collections.
The high quality construction of these pieces is evident in the use of premium materials and all manufacturing is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 - a strict quality management system model.
Offered in three glass colors, the Modern Flat TV Stand and coffee table may be purchased individually or as a matching set. The clean compact design is sure to satisfy most media display and storage requirements while being visually stunning. Made in Italy.

RACK TV System

Whether the need is for a single flat TV cabinet or an entire wall composition, RACK has a solution. Designed to house today's high-tech media electronics, this sophisticated system of modular components features many technical innovations. The closed storage and open shelf elements are available in a wide array of matte lacquer colors and natural woods, with two tone color combinations possible.

The basis of the modular system begins with the RACK TV wall unit. Available for purchase separately, the wall hung cabinet supports a flat screen television on its door which swings open and swivels 45 degrees left or right for an optimum viewing angle. Inside the cabinet is a slotted DVD / CD organizer where a large collection of movies and music can be stored neatly out of sight. Cable management portals are provided. The RACK TV wall unit is 47 inches wide by 53 inches high and is suitable for up to 52 inch televisions with a maximum weight of 55 pounds. Click here to view a video of the Rack TV System..
Composition 1 includes the RACK TV wall unit and a base cabinet for storage of electronic components. Inside the low cabinet is a sensor that relays commands from the remote controls to the components hidden inside, allowing the cabinet door to remain closed during operation. A single interior glass shelf supports players and recorders while the flip down door provides easy access. Components may also be placed on top of the base cabinet if desired. The base cabinet is 51 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 12 inches high. The RACK TV wall unit may be hung above at any optimal height.
Composition 2 is a chic assembly of horizontal and vertical storage elements that fills a living/media room wall. Composition 2 is created by using the RACK TV wall unit described above and adding a deeper base cabinet, a low drawer cabinet, a floor shelf and two wall hung cupboards. Keep clutter out of sight inside the wide pull-out drawer or on the glass shelves behind the cupboard doors. The RACK TV wall unit and two wall cabinets may be positioned in height and horizontal location as preferred. Two tone color combinations are highly striking - any combination is possible including matte lacquers, matte lacquers and wood or all one color as desired. Composition 2 is 153.5 inches long, 24 inches deep and 74 inches high (hung as shown).
Composition 3 combines closed storage elements with geometric open shelves creating a thoroughly modern media display and storage solution. A RACK TV wall unit, bookcases, component storage, a drawer and closed cupboards are artfully assembles into a dramatic wall system. Highly popular in chic black and white, Composition 3 may be ordered in any combination of matte lacquer colors, matte lacquer and wood or all one color. Suited for large living/media rooms, Composition 3 is 165 inches long, 24 inches deep and 90 inches high (hung as shown).
In addition to the designs described above, many other compositions are possible; click on this link to explore the extensive design possibilities. For assistance in creating a custom design and for all pricing, call 510-420-0383.
The modular RACK TV media system is intelligently engineered and aesthetically pleasing. All units are constructed with top quality hardware, lacquers and wood veneers. Its up-to-date styling compliments the beauty of today's sleek flat televisions and its many components offer highly creative options for display and storage. Made in Italy.

Box System Tall Cabinet

����The cool matte white exterior and frosted glass doors combine to give this tall cabinet minimalist appeal. Ideal for contemporary interiors, this versatile cabinet can be used in the dining room or office where concealed storage is desired. It is also suitable for the bathroom where it instills a spa-like ambiance.

����The unit is composed of two cabinets which can be joined as shown or used individually. Two units can be placed side by side to create a large wall cabinet with 4 doors. Ample storage is available in the upper cabinets which are equipped with one fixed shelf and two adjustable glass shelves. Stow smaller items in the eight drawers below.
����Highly adaptable, this modular cabinet suits many spaces and uses. Its pristine beauty quietly conceals stored items maintaining a well organized atmosphere. Simple assembly required. Made in Italy.
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