Saturday, August 7, 2010

RACK TV System

Whether the need is for a single flat TV cabinet or an entire wall composition, RACK has a solution. Designed to house today's high-tech media electronics, this sophisticated system of modular components features many technical innovations. The closed storage and open shelf elements are available in a wide array of matte lacquer colors and natural woods, with two tone color combinations possible.

The basis of the modular system begins with the RACK TV wall unit. Available for purchase separately, the wall hung cabinet supports a flat screen television on its door which swings open and swivels 45 degrees left or right for an optimum viewing angle. Inside the cabinet is a slotted DVD / CD organizer where a large collection of movies and music can be stored neatly out of sight. Cable management portals are provided. The RACK TV wall unit is 47 inches wide by 53 inches high and is suitable for up to 52 inch televisions with a maximum weight of 55 pounds. Click here to view a video of the Rack TV System..
Composition 1 includes the RACK TV wall unit and a base cabinet for storage of electronic components. Inside the low cabinet is a sensor that relays commands from the remote controls to the components hidden inside, allowing the cabinet door to remain closed during operation. A single interior glass shelf supports players and recorders while the flip down door provides easy access. Components may also be placed on top of the base cabinet if desired. The base cabinet is 51 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 12 inches high. The RACK TV wall unit may be hung above at any optimal height.
Composition 2 is a chic assembly of horizontal and vertical storage elements that fills a living/media room wall. Composition 2 is created by using the RACK TV wall unit described above and adding a deeper base cabinet, a low drawer cabinet, a floor shelf and two wall hung cupboards. Keep clutter out of sight inside the wide pull-out drawer or on the glass shelves behind the cupboard doors. The RACK TV wall unit and two wall cabinets may be positioned in height and horizontal location as preferred. Two tone color combinations are highly striking - any combination is possible including matte lacquers, matte lacquers and wood or all one color as desired. Composition 2 is 153.5 inches long, 24 inches deep and 74 inches high (hung as shown).
Composition 3 combines closed storage elements with geometric open shelves creating a thoroughly modern media display and storage solution. A RACK TV wall unit, bookcases, component storage, a drawer and closed cupboards are artfully assembles into a dramatic wall system. Highly popular in chic black and white, Composition 3 may be ordered in any combination of matte lacquer colors, matte lacquer and wood or all one color. Suited for large living/media rooms, Composition 3 is 165 inches long, 24 inches deep and 90 inches high (hung as shown).
In addition to the designs described above, many other compositions are possible; click on this link to explore the extensive design possibilities. For assistance in creating a custom design and for all pricing, call 510-420-0383.
The modular RACK TV media system is intelligently engineered and aesthetically pleasing. All units are constructed with top quality hardware, lacquers and wood veneers. Its up-to-date styling compliments the beauty of today's sleek flat televisions and its many components offer highly creative options for display and storage. Made in Italy.


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