Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sistema Miki Wall System

Miki is a brilliant pairing or two opposite ideas; cool sophistication and playful lightness. Bringing to mind the iconic Disney silhouette complete with big round ears, Miki displays and stores audio/video equipment in a lively styles.

The round black lacquered panel supports a wall hung TV and a clear glass shelf holds accessory electronics. Two cable portals keep cords between the components concealed. Ample storage and display space is provided by two wide drawers sitting low to the ground. The "ears" are fitted with randomly stacked cases for CD and DVD open storage. The round wall panel may be mounted at any desired height to the left, right or centerd above the drawers. An appropriate bracket for mounting the TV must be attached to the round wall panel. 30", 36" or maximum 42" TVs are ideal.
Designed and produced by Pacini & Cappellini of Italy, Miki is a hit worldwide for its lyrical form and precisely crafted details. Made in Italy.


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